Week12 PartB

I researched the app Etsy and Yelp Reviews and here’s what I found. Etsy  Local permits people to buy and sell to their neighbors literally which cuts shipping costs, reduces environmental impact and supports local mom-and-pop shops. Etsy has a great reputation in terms of quality and product value, and well know for their great customer service. One of the number one apps for homemade authentic goods, Etsy has easy refunds and exchange policies. For my research on Yelp Reviews I learned some interesting things I didn’t know before. I didn’t know that there was a filter that causes the reviews to only appear for a day or two and then get stuck in a “not recommended” section. The filter does it to random reviews as well so you would have to go out of your way to scroll all the way down the page and find the light gray text referencing them. Yelp is great but just like anything else it does have it’s problems.

Week12 PartA

 I think for the growth of my business I would use Yelp Reviews, TikTok, and Etsy. Using Yelp Reviews can be helpful but also detrimental to a small business but can help you grow and fix problems that have been raised. It'll also spread the word faster about your business and help expand your products or services. I would use this for feedback on the things I am doing great in and on things that I need to improve on as well. It's a great source to respond to the reviews and the public can see the responses as well to see how the business reacts to bad and good reviews. For TikTok I have seen a decent amount of small businesses getting a good platform and support through the app. I would use this app to try and create my platform and it's great for showing small videos of me producing my products to give potential consumers some insight. Etsy is a great app as well for specifically small businesses to help reach consumers as well. Etsy is mainly for those with a small busin


 I never really knew what Twitter was about, I mean I had an idea but I've never had one before. From doing this research I gained more insight on what  Twitter is for. It's basically like blogging how we use this website for our class but social media version of it. Which I'm sure 99% of you guys already knew that however I'm not a social media guru. I can see why some businesses would like using this platform but for me personally I wouldn't use it because I believe other social medias would be better in my own opinion. There are pros to using Twitter but whatever works best for you is what helps you out the most. I already had a LinkedIn account from a previous class but I also think this is another one I personally wouldn't use. Maybe sometime I would use it but starting off for awhile I couldn't see myself using LinkedIn. But looking more into it I can now understand how it works and why people would use this website to help their businesses or to get a

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Teri Lendy  Anthony McCarthy  Sue Godwin

Week10 PartA

 I think for my business I would send a weekly newsletter to keep the engagement in tact and with updates about products. The kind of content I would use for business would be weekly reminders for placing orders because everything is produced by hand with fresh ingredients. It would also announce any new products that I am ready to produce as well as our story and how our business works for consumer insight. I think consumers would enjoy being kept updated on when to place orders and new products being produced because I believe it's unique and I say this because I have only seen one other business do this but not as much. So, doing it weekly would attract attention and if it's something that someone is interested in they could look forward to that with updates as well. But of course they can opt out if the weekly updates are too much.

Week9 PartB

 The type of categories I plan on using for my blog would be all natural & beauty products. I think by keeping small categories but nonspecific types of categories gives me a lot to work with but also helps to keep me organized as well. I think by having these two broad categories opens a lot of attraction to potential consumers. I believe this because women are always looking for different kinds of beauty products and not only women these days but also men that are open to beauty products as well. Plus all natural products are booming and statistics show that it is just going to keep on booming for awhile.  These are the people's blogs I commented on for this weeks posts as well: John Barnett  Clare Dovenbarger  Anthony McCarthy 

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